Graphic Designer / Creative Director

Its founder, Mr Chen Miaohua, is a senior craft artist, a member of China Artists Association, the designer of The Symbols and Mascots of 56 Chinese Nationalities, the vice chairman of Creative China Design Alliance, a member of Standing Committee of Design Committee of China Packaging Federation,the Director of Design Committee of Fujian Packaging Federation.Awarded the title of three masters by the Office of Leading Group for Talent Work of Fujian Provincial Party Committee and provincial government departments:the honorary title of the skill master of “Hundred-Talent Program” of Fujian Provincial Excellent Talent Program,the “Fujian Arts and Crafts Master” by the Human Resources and Social Security Department of Fujian Province,the honorary title of “Studio of Packaging Design Master Chen Miaohua”.One of the judges of Award for Design Arts of China Star for consecutive years.He is also a part-time professor, visiting professor, postgraduate tutor and member of the academic committee in many colleges and universities, such as School of Design of Shanghai Institute of Visual Arts, Xiamen Academy of Arts and Design,Fuzhou University, and College of Fine Arts of Fujian Normal University.He worked as one of the judges of the China Division the ASPaC 2016 and ASPaC 2019,one of the national judges of the fourth session of Chinese Traditional Religious Clay Sculpture Skills Competition.Mr Chen himself is included in the Collection of Chinese Cultural Celebrities Series Stamps by the China Post Corporation and this collection is distributed nationwide.He was once invited by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, to specially design the packaging for the “national gift” of tea for the state leader’s visits to foreign countries. His works have won more than 500 professional design awards at home and abroad, including 4 highest awards of “WorldStar for Packaging”, 4 highest awards of “Asia Star Awards”, 3 Gold Awards of “China Star Design Awards”, Reddot Design Award in Germany, 6 iF Product Design Awards in Germany, GOOD DESIGN Award in Japan, TDC Design Award in America, IDEA Design Award in America, ADC Excellence Award in America, and the award of 13th National Exhibition of Fine Arts,The Symbol and Mascot of 56 Chinese Nationalities was selected into the First National Graphic Design Exhibition, etc.
Major Award-winning Records:

•1993 "Fourth National Packaging and Decoration Design Competition" Gold award (Beijing)
•1993 "WorldStar" Gold award (Bangkok)
•1985-2013 "East of China Design Award" Gold award 15(East China)
•1998 "Asian star" Gold award 3(Beijing)
•2000 "WorldStar" Gold award (London)
•2011 "Award for design arts of China Star" Gold award (Beijing)
•2013 "WorldStar" Gold award (Sydney)
•2015 "Award for design arts of China Sta
r" Gold award (Beijing)
•2016 "Asian star" Gold award (India)
•2017 "iF" design award (Germany)
•2018 "RED DOT" design award (Germany)
•2018 "GOOD DESIGN" award (Japan)
•2018 "TDC63" Design award (America)
•2019 "iF" design award (Germany)
•2019 "WorldStar" Gold award (Prague)
•2019 "The 13th National Fine Arts Exhibition" (China)
•2019 "Designing China-Charming Chinese Characters" Cultural Exhibition (Greece)
•2019 "IDEA"design award (America)
•2020 "ADC"design award (America)
•2021 "iF"design award,3 (Germany)